User Manual

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* Or search 'Libratone' in Apple App Store or Google Play to download App

Button And Interface Instruction

① Power Button  ② Touch Interface  ③ Status Indicator Lights

Power Button

Long press to power on/off
Tap the power button to check battery level when the speaker is turned on

Touch Interface

Playback and talk control via the touch interface
① Charging Port  ② ChargingIndicator Light  ③ Line-in

Charging Port

The charging light breathes when charging and is solid on when fully charged


Music playback from Bluetooth will be stopped when the audio cable is plugged in

Bluetooth Connection

1.Power on

Long press the power button until the Nightingale is lit

2.Enter Bluetooth Pairing Mode

The speaker will enter Bluetooth pairing mode automatically during the first run, this is indicated by a side-to-side sequence on the top
*Press the Nightingale for 2 seconds to enter Bluetooth pairing mode

3.Select Libratone Speaker

Find and select your LIBRATONE ONE in the Bluetooth device list of your phone


The lights will blink twice when connected. The speaker is ready to play!

Basic Operation

Volume Control

Rotate your finger clockwise or counterclockwise along the touch interface to adjust volume

Playback and talk control

Short press the Nightingale for music play/pause
Long press to enter/exit Bluetooth pairing mode
Long press to reject a call
Double click to next song

Status Indication

The Nightingale

Lit at 100% when playing
Lit at 50% when paused
Breathing when no connection
Blinking when incoming call/Plus 1 setup

Bottom Light

Continuous blinking when low battery
Triple blinking when battery is too low to be powered on

Plus 1

Plus 1 Setup

Enter the speaker page in App, click 'PLUS 1' icon at the bottom, follow the instruction to complete the connection
You can play music synchronously on the two connected speakers


Playback is interrupted or has noise?

Normally, the working distance is 10m at a non-sheltered area. If the distance to the playing device is more than 10m the music playback will be interrupted

The speaker cannot connect to an already paired device

If you can't connect, please delete the speaker from the Bluetooth device list in the phone, press the Nightingale for 2 seconds to enter Bluetooth pairing mode and then pair with the phone again

I have two phones, and I want to connect them to the same speaker

If the speaker have been previously paired with the two phones, just select the speaker from the Bluetooth device list in the phone to connect

Why does the speaker automatically turn off if there are no playback detected?

Without power supply, the speaker will automatically power off if no operation/playback is detected within 15 minutes to save power

* Phone, tablet computer or any other device with Bluetooth are all applicable
This User Manual takes phone as an example for operation instruction

Product specification

Product Model LTG300
Channel 1.1
Speaker 1 * 3" woofer
1 * 1" full range tweeter
2 * 2.7" passive radiator
Max. Power 50W
S/N Ratio 95dBA
Max. SPL 91dBA@1m
Frequency Response Range 65~20kHz
Audio Input Bluetooth, Line-in
Playing Time 12hours
Charging Time <4h1.5A
Product Dimension 204.5*120*44.5mm
Weight 890g